Mr Jamie Stevens: Shampoo and Conditioner

mr jamie stevens shampoo and conditioner

My hair is naturally really thin, so I will use anything I can to get a little bit of thickness in it. Currently I will use a R+Co thickening spray whilst styling however I have taken to adding the Mr Jamie Stevens thickening shampoo and conditioner into my routine. I have to admit in the month of using it I have actually noticed quite a big difference. 

Not only does the shampoo thicken the hair but it also removes grease dirt and any product build up. This is perfect for me as I use that much product on my hair daily it is important for me to have a good shampoo that removes everything I put in my hair without damaging it. The added thickness it gives is also brilliant as it makes styling so much easier.

The conditioner is thickening but is a lightweight gel style meaning it adds moisture without weighing my hair down. After using both the shampoo and conditioner together my hair is left not only thicker but also lightweight and super soft. At £10 each they are a little pricey but as they do the job they are definitely worth the price tag.

To me not only do the shampoo and conditioner have to do their job but they also need to smell nice. Which these 2 product definitely do, they are not too strong but do have a slight sent to them therefore it isn't overpowering. The packaging of the products is also very simple and easy to use, simply press the top and give the bottle a little squeeze. A little really does go a long way with these items.

I highly recommend using this product if you are wanting to add some thickness to your hair and have a shampoo which will stop product build up.

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