This week

Sunday's on the blog are going to be all about the week that has just passed. This week has been a basic one to be honest with you. Monday started off with a trip to the doctors which ended up going to hospital for an x-ray, which I really can't wait to get the results for.

Tuesday was a case of going to work and my nanna's for tea then as per usual it was straight back to bed for me. Wednesday and Thursday were basically the same but instead of going to my nanna's I spent the nights tidying my room, which seems to be needing to happen more often now.

Then the fun parts Friday I came round to my other half's where we chilled out and watched TV for the night. Saturday me and him then went to town to do a spot of shopping. Sunday is currently being spent planning out plenty of blog posts.

During the week I have also downloaded Pokemon Go. I am determined to find a Pikachu somewhere.

I have been reading: Plenty of blogs to try gather some inspiration.

I have been watching: Far too much Big Bang Theory. I am slowly becoming addicted again.

I have been listening to: Shura - Nothing real. I love this album I can not wait to see her live in December. I will be doing an album review very soon so keep an eye out for that.

One goal for next week:  Post everyday on this blog. I feel I have been neglecting it so I would like to put more time into this and maybe even create a new header.

What have you all done this week?  Let me know in the comments below.


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