Tegan and Sara Love You To Death

So it is no secret that my favourite band is Tegan and Sara. So now after over a month of listening here is my review of their latest album Love you to death.

Love you to death is the 8th album from the twin sisters from Calgary, Canada. This album has carried on from Heartthrob in a more synth pop type of sound, compared to their previous albums such as the con and so jealous that feature more indie sound.

The tracks are all written by Tegan and Sara and this album gives a lot more personal lyrics. These are lyrics about both romantic encounters and their own personal relationship with each other.

Here is a track by track breakdown.

That Girl
This song is all about turning into something you never thought you would ever be. 'When did I become that girl that girl I see' 'baby recognise me' this shows the transformation into something you never wanted to be however over time you have gradually changed and even your loved ones can not recognise you. 

Faint of heart
This song is about a relationship that everyone is trying to warn you off getting into. This love aint made for the faint of heart, when its love its tough. This is showing how tough a typical relationship can be but if both of you want the relationship you will fight to make it work

Sara said in previous interviews this was about a relationship she was in where the woman she was dating had just come out of a relationship with a man. She also went on to say how it is also around gender roles placed within same sex relationships 'kiss me like your boyfriend, you call me up like you want  your best friend'  

Dying to know
This song is all about a relationship that has ended ad one person is still clinging on to what they had and also how they are upset about how much they let the other person in. 'Do you ever think about me at all' 'see your face makes it hard to move on' This song shows how vulnerable someone can be after a breakup and how they are struggling to move on without answers to questions.

Stop Desire
This song is all about someone who is wanting to take their current relationship to the next level and are hoping the other person is feeling the same way. 'If there's passion turn it into action' this is showing how the other person craves the physical attention in the relationship however further lyrics suggest that the other may not be ready for this.

White Knuckles
The twins have said this is about their own sisterly relationship. 'Excuses for the bruises' this is to point out that the physical fights they have endured over the years took the toll on each of them and they were made to make excuses so people didn't see the real reason they were bruised. 'Cry wolf' also makes it seem like Sara is sick of hiding the truth and wants people to know what they are really like.

This is another one the Sara has written about her and Tegan's relationship. Sara has said in previous interviews that this song was written about her Montreal, where she went to get some space and left Tegan behind. 'I swear I tried to leave you a 100X' Says to us that Sara has been planning this for a while but hasn't yet had the guts to go ahead with what she really wants to do.

This is another Sara song but this puts a spin on what people may call normal relationships. 'I don't need a white wedding'. For the majority of women they want the whole fairy tale wedding days. However in this song Sara is letting her loved one know she doesn't need all that she just needs the person she is to love her back.

This is one of Tegan's songs and has such as great catchy backing track as well as great lyrics to go along with it. The song seems to be all about how she is admitting her flaws as a relationship is beginning to break down. 'Ask you for forgiveness, tell you I was wrong' This shows she is actually realising what she has done over the course of the relationship and will do what she can while clinging on to hope.

Hang on to the night
The final song on the album is such a moving one. When the tragic events of the Pulse nightclub happened this song started circulating around twitter. It gives so much hope when you feel like the world is against you and is very relatable. 'Hang on to the night, you got so much you gotta get through' The song gives so much hope that you aren't alone and things will end up getting better.

So there you go there si the album. My favourite so far if I had to pick would definitely be Hang on to the night as when you are down you can just put it on and instantly feel just a little better. Love You To Death is by far one of my top picks for 2016. Why not go take a listen over on YouTube or buy the album.


Do you like Tegan and Sara? What do you think to this album. Leave a comment below letting me know what you think.


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