The goals I have set for July


Rather than doing the monthly fitness updates like we used to I have decided that I am going to do a monthly goals post, then at the end of the month I will do a wrap up post to see if anything actually got done or not. I am really hoping that doing these posts hold me a bit more accountable and break those big goals I set myself for the end of the year down a bit for me as when I look at those now I get a bit overwhelmed as I am so far behind where I wanted to be this year. Things just don't seem to have been going my way but maybe having a monthly post that I know I need to update will help me actually get these things done and push hard to work towards them. 

So here are the personal, fashion and fitness goals for the month of July that I have set myself...

Start adding to my summer wardrobe

My summer wardrobe is seriously lacking as I just don't have many clothes that fit me from this time last year. With me still losing weight though I don't really want to spend a fortune on clothing that is only going to last me a few months so the plan is only buy items I can't stop thinking about or those essentials I just can't do with out. I definitely don't mind adding plain t-shirts to this as I know they are fine all year round as I can layer them easily in autumn and winter.

Have all holiday clothes purchased 

I don't actually go away until the start of August however, I am determined to get all my holiday shopping out of the way by the end of July, just due to the start of August being very busy and the fact that for my holiday in June I was rushing around trying to find items the day before and panicking that I couldn't find what I needed. 

Buy a new piece of jewellery

I have been saying I have wanted to do this for a while now but keep putting it off as I haven't been wearing jewellery as much as I would like to lately. I am determined though that I am going to use some of my money to buy a new piece of jewellery. I definitely have enough necklaces however, I want to treat myself to a new bracelet as I only really have a charm bracelet and that doesn't really go with everyday outfits.

Create a new skincare routine

My skin ended up in terrible condition towards the end of last year and I just haven't managed to get it back right since. I am determined though that by my birthday in September it will be in much better condition than it is now. Throughout July I really want to create a new skincare routine that I am going to stick to and fingers crossed by doing this I will have much better looking skin than I currently have.

Sort all my footwear out

My footwear options are getting a bit overwhelming lately as I just have so many pairs lying around unworn due to me just picking up my Air Force day in day out. Plus there is no organisation when it comes to my footwear so finding a pair is a bit of a nightmare. I am hoping though that I can have a few hours in July just going through my footwear, tidying the storage up and just making it easier to find the pairs that deserve to be worn more. This way I can try not to wear my Air Force every day too and switch my footwear up based on my outfits those days.

Lose 4lbs

My weight loss journey really isn't going to plan lately and I am seeing the scale increase rather than decrease and it is starting to get me down a bit. I am hoping that I can drop 4lbs throughout July though to get the weight shifting once more. I would have set a bit of a bigger target but 4lb seems a bit more realistic and 1lb a week doesn't look too scary where as 2lb a week might have put me off a bit. 4lb or over though and I will be very happy.

9,000 steps daily 

There was a time this year where I could barely hit 5,000 steps a day but now I have increased that quite a bit and am hitting roughly 8,000 a day on average. I really want to push myself in July though so I am setting myself a goal of 9,000 steps a day throughout July. With how things have been lately this is definitely an achievable goal and I am excited to see if I manage it or not. 

Limit the alcohol I drink

Now I will be honest I don't actually drink too much however, recently I have noticed I am drinking more than previous. This isn't helping my weight loss at all so I really want to reduce my intake and make better choice when I do have a drink, no heavy lagers maybe something a bit lighter. This goal is definitely one I should be able to mark off as complete at the end of the month.

3 workout sessions a week

My workouts have really dropped in the past few months with the puppy taking up most of my time however, I am determined to try get into a better routine to help me with those weight loss goals which seem to be getting further away lately. I want to make sure I am going to my boxing sessions weekly as well as adding another two sessions just to my weekly routine. It is time to start looking after me again both mentally and physically.

It isn't just those goals I want to focus on though, I wanted to get so much done around the home this year and I have practically done none of it so I am hoping that these posts will help me get a move on with those jobs too and here are my home goals for the month of July...

Declutter the wardrobe 

This has been on my to do list for far too long and I know I really need to get it done as once it is complete getting ready on a morning is going to be so much easier whether that is for work, a day out or even just for workout seen as my workout clothes are going to be a part of this declutter too. Once things are cleared out I will know exactly what fits me and just what goes with what other item I own. My getting ready time should definitely be halved by doing this simple task.

Keep the wash baskets empty

I am an absolute nightmare when it comes to doing the washing as it is the job I seriously hate doing, especially when it comes to putting the washing away. My aim for the month of July though is to keep the wash baskets empty and make sure everything is put away straight away. This way I won't be stressing at the task at hand and wont be complaining about not having clothes to wear like I have been doing recently. This will make the house look a bit tidier too so it is a bit of a win, win situation.

Make progress on the home gym

Finally we made a real start on the home gym in June and I really want to keep the momentum going heading into July and fingers crossed by the end of month I will be able to report that we have made a good dent in the building of the structure. This home gym has been a long time coming so I am really excited to see just how much progress we can make in July.

Sort the bathroom shelves

This job is a bit like the decluttering the wardrobe one, I keep saying I am going to do it but never get around to it. But not in July as this job is finally get done and out of the way for a very long time. Once these are done it means I will be able to easily see what products I actually have meaning I will stop buying duplicates of products and also hopefully stop wasting products as I will be making a new rule to check what I have before buying any new items in the future.

Sort the bottom of the stairs

By doing this I will also be doing the goal of sorting out my footwear as this area is where all my footwear is kept. The bottom of the stairs is a right mess at the moment, it has become a dumping ground with shoes all over and things that need taking upstairs which I have been too lazy to do so far. Just sorting out this area will tidy up the downstairs a lot more than it already has been and it will make it easier to find the footwear, hoodies and other bits that are kept in this area making getting ready much easier. 

Declutter the shed

The shed is a bit of a death trap at the moment and to be honest it has been a long time since I have been in it or used it as there is just no access thanks to things just being dumped in there. The plan for July though is to get the shed totally emptied and only put back in what we really need to. This way we can use it for the intended use of garden storage and not just junk. We are thinking of adding a bit of racking in here too so we can have a toy section for the nephew, a football equipment section and of course an actual garden item section.

Start on sorting the side garden 

Since having the garage removed we have realised that there isn't actually as much to do in the side garden as we originally thought. This area is going to be for me to do some extra football training and for the nephew to play in so it is just a case of tidying it up and getting rid of bits such as the BBQ we are never going to use and the old vegetable patch. Doing this is just going to create a bit of extra space for us. Then it is a case of saving up for the trees removing in the future and a fence being put in their place, if I can get Liam on board with the idea.

Complete the back garden

The back garden saga has been going on far too long so hopefully in July we will finally have it complete and ready to use if the weather becomes nice again. The decking will be getting jet washed & painted, the fence will be painted and the planter will be getting turned into benches. Once all that is done it is a case of weeding and cleaning up the furniture and we should be good to go. This is the goal I am absolutely determined to complete as I really want to get out and enjoy what has the potential to be a great space.

Fingers crossed that I can have a really good month so that at the end of July when I do my wrap up I can say that I have completed nearly all of them. A productive month will definitely help me in so many ways as I can finally get jobs done that I have been putting off for a long time and I can just have an easier month in August, which is bound to be a busy one. It is time to start taking action rather than letting other aspects of life take over. Check back at the end of July to see what I actually managed to get done. 

Do we think that I will be able to get all these goals completed? I really hope so.

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