June 2023 favourites

How are we already half way through the year already? I can't believe I am already at the stage of thinking ahead for my birthday and Christmas which are both fast approaching. This year is going by so fast and I am not sure if I am a fan, I don't feel like I have got half as much completed as I want to this year so far so I need to step life up a gear I think. The year might be flying by but I think June might have been one of my favourite months of the year yet as the weather is finally brightening up and so much seems to have happened. So here are my favourites from the month of June...


Shorts Weather

Finally the weather has been warming up and I think it is safe to say we got a bit of a heatwave throughout June which I 100% loved. June's weather gave me the perfect excuse to live in my shorts, granted I would happily wear them all year round but the weather has made it easier to get wearing them on days out, to work and even just for lounging around in. I am hoping June is just the start of being able to wear my shorts a whole lot more as they are just so much comfier than full length trousers all the time.


Family Holiday

The start of June saw us heading to the seaside for a Monday to Friday staycation with my family and it was the perfect 5 days all being together and just enjoying different surroundings. This was also Odin's first holiday with us and he absolutely loved it, especially his time on the beach and in the sea. This break was just a lovely little getaway with us all together and make me even more excited for my August holiday but unfortunately that one will be without Liam and Odin which is the only downside really.


Starting The Home Gym

After what feels like forever we finally have progress with the start of creating the home gym. This whole saga seems to have been going on forever but now we have really started to set the wheels in motion and June saw us finally get rid of the old garage structure which was an eyesore and just really no good for what we required. I am glad we have finally got this project going as the home gym is going to be super beneficial for my weight loss journey.

Health & fitness

Seeing The Steps Increase

I am not really sure what has gone on here, I know a small reason for this progress is the dog walks however, the steps have grown massively and I am now hitting 10,000 steps most days, something which I am really not used to. This huge increase in steps is definitely helping me both physically and mentally, I am actually looking forward to going on walks these days and I can't wait to see if we can improve on those steps in July. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from June. What are your favourites from June 2023? 

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