April 2023 fitness update

April flew by in the blink of an eye and after the high hopes of it being a good month I can honestly say it was the total opposite and was honestly yet another terrible month. The month was jam packed with events and life getting in the way which led to a gain which I am not too happy about. Life really did get in the way and I feel like I have lost a lot of progress and am almost back to square 1 on my journey which has driven me mad and I am determined to make changes to my life now to make sure I don't have such a bad month again. So here is how yet another terrible month went in terms of my goals...

Lose 4lbs

Well 4 was in the amount but rather than a loss we saw a gain which I am really not happy with, 1 lb over the month I wouldn't have minded but 4lb is ridiculous and I know I am so much more capable than this. This is one I am definitely going to try turn around in May and hopefully we will see a 4lb loss this time around.

Hit all strength sessions

This one didn't go to plan at all and I am annoyed with myself. If I managed my time better I would have easily hit these but that didn't go to plan at all and I think I managed 1 session. I am hoping this is something I can definitely improve upon in May and beyond. 

 Meal prep weekly 

My nutrition was terrible throughout April and that was due to a lot of meals out and overall bad choices when it came to what I was actually consuming. Meal prepping is definitely something I need to work on in May as I know this will help push for progress.

8K steps daily

This one was hit and miss as some days I was absolutely smashing the 8K where as on other days I was struggling to hit 5K. My steps are definitely improving on what they have previously been though and I am really looking forward to seeing what I can achieve step wise in May.

Get into a better/ healthier routine

I am still working on this one but I am slowly chipping away at finding a routine that is perfect for me. I knew deep down this wouldn't all fall into what was always going to be a busy month but we have made some small steps which is better than nothing.

Get started on the 5k prep

This one was the goal that I really wanted to smash however, due to the craziness of life I didn't manage to get started on this at all which in all honesty I aren't too mad about as I have had fun and got other jobs done instead. The 5K is going to be here before we know it though so I really do need to make a start on this soon.

Boxing every week possible

Throughout April I managed 1 boxing session due to various reasons but I guess 1 is better than none. I have put this down as a May goal too though as I am determined to start increasing the number of sessions I go to and I am determined that soon I will be going every single Wednesday unless I have something booked for that day.

Declutter the workout clothes

Oh look here is the goal that has been in these posts for far too long and guess what? Yes that is right it is going to be a May goal too as I just haven't had the chance to get the workout clothes sorted out at all. I will 100% be putting some time to one side in May though so this is finally off the goals list and completed for a while.

 Football training every week possible

Again thanks to life getting in the way this one didn't go to plan and I unfortunately missed a session or two. The season is nearly over now but I am still determined to get to as many sessions as possible as I know it will massively help my weight loss and fitness journey as the sessions definitely get me moving.

So here is how the scales looked in April...

Beginning of March weight: 15 stone 1 lb 

End of March weight : 15 stone 5 lb

Total loss for the month : - + 4lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in May...

- Lose 4lb

- Meal prep weekly

- 8K steps daily

- Dog walk everyday 

-Fruit or veg with every meal

- 3 workout sessions a week minimum

- Boxing every week possible 

- Get workout clothes decluttered

I am determined that May is going to be a much better month, I have set out a clear plan and I know what areas I want to improve on to make progress on my journey once more. I know I am capable and I need to stop letting life get in the way, I need to prioritize myself and my journey if I want to smash those goals I set for myself at the start of the year. Let's get this head screwed back on and see progress once more.

Total loss for 2023 : + 7lb

Total loss since start of journey : - 11 lb

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