2018 Round Up

Well what a year 2018 has been and seriously why has it gone so quick. I never thought at the end of 2017 that just a year on I would be where I am right now. Just a few days into the year me and Liam put an offer in on a lovely 3 bedroom house... and the offer was accepted straight away. We finally moved in March and since then things have been focused on decorating the house to how we want it. I really didn't expect us to have the majority of the house finished by the end of this year but we have really surprised ourselves and created ourselves a lovely cosy home. This has also meant a lot more time with Liam which has been perfect after living apart for so long of our relationship, most nights are spent just enjoying each others company whilst sat in the games room playing on our PC's or consoles, it has definitely become our most used room. I have also discovered this year Liam is actually a really good cook and for that reason he does all the cooking in our house (although I want to try get involved more). 

I think this one may also tie into moving out and having my own space as my mental health has gotten a lot better. Things have been going great, the only set backs have been if things weren't going right with the house and I was getting stressed, but luckily I had Liam on hand to calm me down and reassure me of how things would work out, which they definitely did. 2018 has really taught me how responsible I can actually be too, I aren't wasting money as much as I used to and not once have we struggled to pay bills etc. which is something I was told I would struggle with when I entered the real world, I am so glad I could prove people wrong.

 People always told me to live my life before moving out as things would change and I wouldn't be able to afford the things I have always done. However, in 2018 I have been to 3 of my all time favourite concerts, I saw Nickelback once again who seem to get better and better every time I see them. Me and my auntie also went to see Britney Spears who is someone I have loved for so long so this was absolutely fantastic, she really does put on a brilliant show. Finally I saw Demi Lovato the one person I had waited over 10 years to see, and what a fantastic show that was she is fantastic live and it was definitely worth the wait, poor Liam got dragged along to this one with me but I think he enjoyed himself too.

Football played a big part in 2018 too, we obviously renewed our Bradford City season tickets and although the start of this season has been terrible things may slowly be turning around for us. There has been plenty of women's games throughout the year we have been watching too. Including us taking my parents to some of their first Man City women's games, which they loved, in fact my dad actually said he preferred it over watching some of the men's games. He has since gone on to follow most players on Instagram and actually started paying attention to what is going on in the leagues I just can't seem to get him interested in the American leagues. From this we even went to our first England women's game, even though we lost it was a great experience as I finally got to see Rachel Daly play.

One of the worst parts of 2018 for me is the fact that the blog has been seriously lacking, this is mainly due to me spending more time doing work on the house. However, I already have plenty of ideas sorted for 2019 and can't wait to get to work on them. I can't see anything stopping me from blogging in the new year, I am hoping for more days and nights in which could definitely double up as blogging days.

See you soon,

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