Last Week #20

It was nice last week to not have to worry about doing DIY after work as we have decided to have a bit of time off from that. It has meant a few nights I got to play on some games or just chill out watching YouTube. We had one night where we went to the White Rose shopping but I didn't really get much as I couldn't find anything I liked clothing wise. I really need to start finding some warmer clothes. Saturday was perfect Liam was working in the morning so I got some chill time, I did a few jobs then we went to watch Bradford in the afternoon. The night was then topped off with a takeaway whilst I watched the Thorns vs Reign in the NWSL playoffs. Sunday was going well too until the ceiling decided to leak in the kitchen, luckily we managed to do a temporary fix and it shouldn't be too expensive to sort properly. So here is what I had....

Been Watching: I managed to watch the Thorns and Regin playoff game as it started at a decent time over here. Other than that I have watched a lot more YouTube and made a start on season 5 of Bojack Horseman.

Been reading : I have my Carli Lloyd book at the side of my bed ready to get started on but I have been that tired I haven't managed to just yet. I am looking forward to diving into it though.

Been listening to : I don't know what it is but for some reason every day I had a Disney playlist on whilst walking to and from work and in all honesty that is all I listened to all week.

Bought : A lot of bits to get me started on something I have been needing to do, which are all coming up in a post this week. I also managed to get tickets to England vs Sweden in the women's football. 

Plans for this week : My main aim this week is to loose some weight, I have been up and down in weight these past few weeks but now I really want to get going in my journey. I want to try declutter my bathroom cupboard too as it is a total mess. I also want to do some more updates on the blog for new categories etc and just get some general admin done.

Last weeks posts : Last Week #19, What I got for my birthday 2018, Fashion inspo : Kelley O'Hara. 

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

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