Fashion Inspo : Abby wambach

Yet another footballer whose style I absolutely adore is Abby Wambach. Abby has now retired from the USWNT but I honestly still believe she is the greatest forward in history, it will be hard for anyone to become as good of a player as she is. Not only did Abby play brilliantly but she also has some an amazing sense of fashion. Her style is mainly androgynous but she pulls it off so well. Here are a few of my favourite looks that I would love to recreate myself.

I love the skinny pants and blazer combination, especially with the bright shoes and white t-shirt just breaking the outfit up a little. I also love the little white pocket square in the blazer to match the t-shirt. I would love to wear outfits like this for work / a little smarter events but I really want to lose the weight and be comfortable in my body before doing so.

Abby's outift above is one of my favourites lately. A printed t-shirt, grey skinny jeans and a leather jacket mixed with some hi-top shoes. The aviator type of sunglasses accessorise the outfit perfectly and the combination of colours work really well together. I live in grey skinny jeans lately and usually wear plain t-shirts with these which work really well. I am also hoping to find a good fitting leather jacket soon so I can recreate an outfit in this style for myself.  It just looks so casual while having stylish smarter look too.

My final favourite is yet more sunglasses and skinny jeans, however this time it is for the warmer / cooler weather. The light coloured muscle type of tank top mixed with the darker jeans looks brilliant and the scarf and shoes just add a little bit of colour to the outfit. I am hoping that I am a bit more confident with my body by the time the warmer weather arrives. If that is the case this will possibly be one of my go to looks for the summer.

What is your favourite look from the images above?

See you soon 

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