10 facts about me

Hi everyone, so today I decided I would let you all know a little bit more behind the blog. So here is 10 facts about me,

1. I am a huge Bradford City fan and have a season ticket
2. I have played football for as long as I can remember
3. I still have my teddy bear that I have had since I was born
4. Even though I am nearly 4 years older my little sister towers over me
5. I absolutely hate horror films
6. My favourite holiday so far is Florida
7. I currently have 2 tattoos but I am planning more 
8. I have a huge phobia of birds!!!
9. I have only recently started wearing makeup even though I am 21
10. My all time favourite food is a bacon double cheeseburger which I really need to cut back on

So there you go there are 10 facts about me. 

See you soon,

Lucy Jade :)

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