Friday, 18 May 2018

Nickelback In Leeds

Nickelback Chad

One band I would go and see over and over again would definitely have to be Nickelback. When they came to Leeds on the 5th May, it was my 3rd time seeing them. No 2 shows are ever the same and they are all absolutely brilliant. I went with Liam and his mum again and it was just a brilliant day. To say Nickelback are such a marmite band, every time I have been it has been packed with people of all ages.

Nickelback Ryan

This year we were stood on Ryan's side, which I was super happy about because I have to admit he is my favourite and we were so close. I have to admit I wasn't too keen on the support act Seether as it felt like their instruments were turned up far too loud compared to their microphones, but once again Nickelback came on and absolutely killed it. 

On this Feed the Machine tour they were playing songs from every album and with nine albums they were bound to miss out some favourites. However, the only one of my favourites they didn't play was Satellite, as they played the likes of Lullaby, Animals, Photograph and of course Something In Your Mouth. 

I am already on countdown for the next tour as I am definitely going to be going again, it is a nice day to spend with Liam and his mum whilst listening to great music. 

Have you seen Nickelback? Can you recommend any bands like them?

See you soon,

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Daily Hair Styling Routine

One of the biggest things for me to feel confident is that my hair looks good. I honestly believe I spend more time on my hair than I do picking out my outfits at the moment, so here is how I get the perfectly styled hair.

1st Step is to either wash or just wet the hair. I wash it every other day so other days I just wet it a little so I can add the product.

Step 2 is to add my R+Co Dallas thickening spray to my towel dried hair, this stuff is brilliant and I actually see a difference in my hair when using it. 

I then add some of the Johnny's chop shop volume mousse, this is a fairly new product but I am noticing some extra volume whilst using it.

I will then blow dry my hair and use this little brush to get my perfect style. I do need to add a heat defence spray into my routine just as an extra line of defence.

Once my hair is dried into the style I want I then add my Vo5 fluff tamer just to take down and static hairs I may have,  especially as the shaved sides start to grow back.

The Vo5 matt paste is the current product I am using to just help me get the perfect style and I am loving it. You can't see the product and it gives a really good hold.

Finally a quick spray of my hairspray just helps keep the hold for the day. This Johnny's chop shop one is definitely my favourite product.

So that is how I style my hair and help give myself the confidence boost daily. It is honestly one of my favourite parts of the day is doing my hair.

See you soon,


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Fashion Book Wish List

 Now that we have our house it is so good having chance to put our personality into each room. One room which we are yet to start on is the little room as we are calling it. This room is for guest however I would like it to be a sofa day bed so that the room could also double up as a little dressing room for me. I would love this to have a little dressing table where I can store my makeup and fragrances. It would also be great for this room to include a full length mirror for me as I am starting to get more and more into fashion and making sure my outfit looks perfect. There is also a high possibility that this room will also hold quite a few pairs of shoes as my collection is getting crazy, but that is a whole separate post.

On the dressing table or dotted around the room I would also love to add a few books to do with  fashion as I get more into it plus I love books.

My love for trainers/sneakers really has got out of control I have ended up watching collection videos on YouTube daily. I am definitely a bit of a sneaker-head. I would love to have a book just to look through where it holds different limited editions from different brands. It would also be great to have a few different books as each book is likely to hold different sneakers. Who knows it could inspire the next pair I buy. So here are the sneaker/trainer books I would love to get my hands on.
Sneakers : The Complete Limited Editions Guide.

1000 Sneakers

 Golden Kicks : The Shoes That Changed Sport

 Icons of Style : Sneakers

As well as sneakers/trainers, something else I love is a good quality and great fitting t-shirt. I honestly want to create a wardrobe full of different t-shirts from a variety of brands. I also love discovering new brands so a book all about t-shirts just on a dressing table might give me some inspiration for what to look for. Here is one of the books I would love to add to a dressing table.

Icons of Style : T-Shirts

If you have read my blog for a while you will know I love Snap Back. In fact you can read my Snap Back collection post here. These are something I will buy over and over even though it is rare I wear half of them. There are so many great choices of caps that I would love to just have a book where I could pick it up and look at the different designs. Here is a book that would definitely fit this.

Caps / One Size Fits All

I really do hope Liam agrees to letting me have the room as a little dressing room and I will be sure to keep you all posted on the progress of the room. Can you recommend any other little bits for me to add?

See you soon 

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Miley Cyrus Converse

MC Conversemiley cyrus converse

I used to watch Hannah Montana every single day after school and in fact I think I watched it every day one school holiday too, it drove my parents mad. If Miley was in a film, I bought it. If Miley brought out an album, I have it. I even got quite a few pieces of her clothing line that came out in ASDA years ago. So when I saw the Converse collection she had done I knew that I was going to get a few pairs. 

I have actually lost count of how many pairs of Converse I have had over the years, I still have quite a few now. If I had to pick between Vans and Converse, there would be no choice it would be Converse every time, to me they are perfect with any look. 

I was honestly worried I would miss out on these because I stupidly spent all my wage straight away this month however, Liam treated me to not one but 2 pairs. Here is what I got...

miley cyrus converse

miley cyrus converse

I love the low converse for the summer, I often wear these with a pair of denim shorts. I grew out of my old pair of white Converse and have been meaning to replace them for a while now. So when I saw these I knew I would be picking them up. What I love about them is that they are black and white which is always a great combination, plus the bandanna print really adds a little extra to the style. You also get this super cute MC logo on the side of the shoe and also as a metal plate on the bottom of the laces. Speaking of the laces I love how you get 2 options, either the bandanna print ribbon ones or simple white, I think I will be switching these around every now and again.

miley cyrus converse

miley cyrus conversemiley cyrus converse

I also chose these hi-top black ones as you really can't go wrong with a pair of hi-tops they are one of my favourite styles year round. I have to admit I have never actually owned a black pair so these were a no-brainer, I was getting them. These are very similar to the white ones just with the patterns reversed. I can see me getting plenty of wear out of these ones specially with some nice skinny jeans.

These are definitely investment pieces in my eyes at £125 for both pairs, but if I could I would have got every single pair from the range. The next thing is to take a look at the clothing she has done with them to see if there is anything I like.

Have you got anything from the range or have you got your eye on anything? Let me know.

See you soon,

Monday, 14 May 2018

Last Week #4

It has been another lovely week up here the weather has been pretty great. Sunday we managed to get plenty of the gardening done with the help from family. It is looking so much better and I can't wait to get out there and start training and just relax out there. The big work won't be starting for a while though. Saturday was spent sorting jobs out in the house and it is so nice seeing things come together. We may actually have a completed room soon. The week nights have also been spent doing odd jobs just so thinks keep moving, the house is slowly becoming more of our home instead of a work site. So here is what I have... 

Been reading : I am finally a little closer to finishing my Alex Morgan book and wow I am absolutely loving it. I actually don't want to finish it.

Been listening to : A lot of Fifth Harmony once again, I am actually pretty upset that they performed their last show on Saturday. I hope it is just a Hiatus and not an actual break up. But I am super excited for the girl's solo projects. I am also in love with Rita Ora's latest song girls.

Bought : I have been really good this week, we bought some lights for the bedroom at last and a blender and that is all.

Plans for this week : This week I want to get more of the bedroom done and make a start on the dining room ( I can't wait to get a dining room table). I also want to stick with my blogging schedule that I am in love with. I need to clear the bathroom cupboards too and unpack some more boxes.

Last weeks posts : Last week #3, Body Branded, Disney Eats Wish List, Getting Back On Track, Huge Garden Project #1

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Friday, 11 May 2018

Huge Garden Project #1

One of the perks of the house we bought other than the size of the actual house was the size of the gardens. The house is a semi-detached with a big plot of land, there was talks of a buyer before us getting planning permission for another house on it as it is that big. However, the gardens do need a lot of work on them and I can't wait to get them just as me and Liam wish. We are at a point now where inside there aren't that many major jobs to do but we can start planning out the gardens especially with the nicer weather that we have been having. Luckily for us my dad's friend is a gardener so he is coming down to tidy it up in the mean time and getting it a little nicer for us. So here is how it is looking at the moment.

So to the left of the drive we have this little pathway to the front door surrounded by grass, which has gotten out of control. As it stands we don't use the front door but I would love to get this front bit tidied up. The hedges in the front of the house need cutting down (I want rid all together), and the grass needs cutting. Liam wants to concrete / pave this bit up to a certain point and then put some flowers under the windows in like a little flowerbed and to be quite honest I think it would look brilliant. We also need to find out whose little fence it is separating the gardens as it really needs replacing.

I forgot to put an actual image up of the driveway but that definitely needs re-concreting/paving to make it look a lot neater and the weeds need to go. The garage is also getting ripped down so we can extend the driveway a little and make a nice seating area for the side garden that is fenced off from the drive. 

To the left of the garage we also have this huge space that we are going to level off and some will be the fenced off seating area with access to the side garden and the rest will be left for an extension of the drive, access to the back garden and access to the side door. The green shed thing is hopefully going too and a fence will be put up between ours and the neighbours as at the moment it is just left open. 

This is currently one of 2 ways to the side garden, with the garage going this will be opened up but this maybe where the gate ends up going leading to the seating area and side garden. We also need to see who the hedges belong to and I think these may end up being replaced by a fence if I can change Liam's mind as I hate them. That little old fence will also be taken out for good.

Now we are onto my favourite part the side garden. I want to get rid of the hedges, fence posts and the overgrown vegetable patch. I also want to get this levelled out. The hedges on the right are coming down and replaced with a fence and a small seating bit is getting added just by this and where the garage currently is. The rest of this garden will have a football net in and have plenty of space for me to train in as these images don't do its size justice. The BBQ that is currently in maybe staying but we have yet to decide on that.

The back garden is definitely in need of a total makeover. There is currently a fairly big step down so we need to get that sorted. We have just put the rotary thing in for our clothes and the old clothes post needs removing. We then need to level it and decide on if we want turf/stones or decking. One thing I know for sure is Liam gave in and agreed with me that we can have a pond. So between me, Liam and my grandad we will be getting that done. We will probably also end up getting a nice furniture set for around here.

I just can't wait to finally be able to sit out in the garden and enjoy the sun, I really can't wait to get into the side and work on my football again too. I think that this year while the weather is nice there may be quite a few BBQ's where we get everyone we can around and get them to help do bits in each garden just to give us both a hand. I will be posting updates on the garden's as little bits get done.

Can you recommend anywhere good for garden furniture? Or do you have any tips that may help us? Let me know in the comments or over on my twitter.

See you soon,



Thursday, 10 May 2018

Getting Back On Track

Image result for uswnt quotes

I have mentioned on here in the past how I really want to get back in shape and possibly get back to playing football. With the house move things have been chaos, decorating and unpacking has definitely taken over. Half the time me and Liam just aren't in the mood to cook once we have spent the day at work and done the jobs in the house we have needed to do. So I have gained a fair bit of weight however, the house is starting to take shape,rooms are staring to look complete and most importantly we aren't having to go shopping for home ware most nights. 

Our weekly shop this week consisted mainly of healthy items (apart from Liam's doughnuts) and we even got a blender to make smoothies with. I am determined to get my eating back on track and drop the weight I need to.

The house also has the added bonus of 3 gardens and I have claimed the side garden for myself where I am hopefully going to kit it out with cones and an agility ladder, football nets are also going to get added. This will just mean that I can get out there daily work on my fitness and my football technique. It may also mean that my knee gets better and stronger.

I am also in the process of maybe switching gyms as the one I go to now doesn't open until late and closes pretty early so we are tempted to head to a cheap 24/7 gym. This will just mean we can go whenever and I can work specifically on my leg.

My aim is to eat well and try cut out on snacks and takeaways, drop 2 stone in the next 3 month and train at least 4 times a week.I also want to drop at least one clothing size in this time. I will definitely be adding plenty of health and fitness posts onto the blog in the future as I can see this becoming one of my main focuses.

Do you know any good smoothie recipes or healthy meals to make? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,
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