Thursday, 12 July 2018

Shopping With Liam Haul

You really can't beat a bit of shopping, especially just after mine and Liam's paydays and when sales are on. We went to the White Rose shopping centre on Friday and Halifax on Sunday where we picked up a few bits. Liam got himself some new Converse at long last and then being the amazing boyfriend he is picked up a few treats for me....

I could easily have spent all night in the Disney store as it is definitely one of my favourite shops, I didn't realise just how many items where in the sale so I spent a lot of time looking around. Liam spotted the super cute Stitch Ohana mug and said he wasn't leaving it behind as he knows it is one of my favourites, we have so many mugs and this one is just £10 in store. Then I managed to convince him getting the big Huey was a good idea, I have been asking for it for ages and he finally gave in this time around. Huey was £15 and is already super cuddly.

I don't know what it is but I love Ducktales, I can't say it without singing the theme though. So when I saw the Tsum Tsums at 50p each Liam told me just to get Huey, Dewey and Louie but then I found Scrooge Mcduck and wasn't leaving him behind. It is great as well as those 4 cost less than 1 full price Tsum Tsum. He also got me this super cute Baymax beach towel that cost just £7.99, I really hope we do get on holiday soon.

Next up is the reason we went out in the first place, I wanted the Uncharted games as I have never played them before. Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love gaming, I even have a 2nd blog dedicated to it, so I had to add these to my collection. Now I just need to get my PS3 from my parents house. As I said I haven't played Uncharted games before so I picked up the first 3 for just £7 at CEX. Then whilst I was looking at other games I came across Hannah Montana The Movie game, I used to love this game so at £2.50 I picked it up to go through again. 

Finally on Sunday in Halifax we nipped into JD Sports where Liam finally got some new Converse, he hates shopping and likes sticking to what he knows, so when he found a pair at £25 it took a little convincing but he finally purchased some, maybe his Nike's may finally be retired. However, whilst he was waiting for his shoes to be brought out I went for a look around and fell in love with these Adidas Aykan trainers. I was never a fan of Adidas but they are killing it lately. These were reduced from £100 to just £55 and Liam very kindly offered to treat me to them after telling me I really didn't need another new pair. But I just love these ones I actually nearly bought these at full price instead of my Deerupt's a few months back.

So there you go that is what I have picked up lately. Have you had any good pickups? Let me know.

See you soon,


Monday, 9 July 2018

Last Week #11

Why is it so warm in England at the moment, it is driving me mad. It is too warm to sit out and the house is far too warm too there is no in between. Last week admittedly was a pretty good one. Once home from work I was just crashing out from the heat, there was football on the TV and we had some family  time. Saturday I went to my Auntie's for a BBQ and to catch up with family which was great you can't beat a good BBQ especially in this weather. Sunday could  possibly have been my favourite day though, first we nipped to town and did a spot of shopping, then we headed to my favourite place.... Salts Mill at Saltaire, we spent a good few hours there, mainly due to Liam being in the book shop. Then we came home and just sat out in the garden reading our books. It made a nice change to where we usually just go into the games room when we are at home. It has however made me more determined to get something done with the garden and make it look nicer. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: The world cup has taken over our house so we have been watching that whenever it has been on, what a world cup it has been. I had also finished off One Day At A Time so now need to find something new to watch.

Been reading : As I said we sat in the garden reading the other day and I actually got through quite a bit of my book Under the lights and into the dark, I am really enjoying it so far.

Been listening to : Demi Lovato is all that I had listened to all week, I don't know what it is I just can't get enough of her. I can't see this changing for a long time either.

Bought : Personally I was good and just bought some games for the PS3 however Liam treated me to quite a few bits. I will do a post on them soon but there were items from the Disney store as well as some lovely new trainers.

Plans for this week : We are going to a gin tasting night on Thursday which I can't wait for plus the football is on Wednesday and fingers crossed Sunday. I also want to get a few more bits done in the house. I want to try update my Instagram more too.

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

June 2018 Favourites

June was a good month plenty of time was spent with Liam, we actually got a fair bit done around the house. I finally had my MRI on my knee and we should hopefully have some answers on that soon, it seems to have been such a long process. But here are a few of my favourites throughout the month of June.

Beauty wise I haven't actually discovered many new items or fallen in love with many new ones. the only 2 items I could possibly class as my favourites are my new Lynx Gold deodorant and my R+Co thickening spray, which I will be doing full posts on very soon.

Primark had definitely been a favourite in June, especially the mens section. So many times I went in there and came out with bags full of items, my wardrobe is starting to take shape thanks to them. Another favourite has been my black and white Nike SB's they are such a comfortable lightweight trainer that have been perfect for this warm weather. They go well with my skinny jeans and also with my shorts which I have dared to wear outside of the house. 

This is where my favourites really come into play, we have had Demi Lovato release her new song Sober, which is absolutely amazing, we also had Drake release his new album and wow I went off Drake for a little while but that love for him is definitely back now. The World Cup is in full spin and I think this could be one of my favourite World Cup's yet, full of surprises and you really can't call any of the games. I just aren't keen on the introduction of VAR, that still has to win me over. My overall favourite for the month definitely has to be the 10 year wait ending and me finally getting to see Demi Lovato live, she was absolutely amazing and I just want to see her again already. She is one of my favourite musicians of all time and I love how much of a connection she has with her fans.

So there you have it those are my favourites from June, what were some of your favourites?

See you soon

Monday, 2 July 2018

Last Week #10

Not much happened last week to be honest which I am quite grateful for as it had been far too warm. The heat was doing my asthma no good so I have spent most nights relaxing and trying not to do too much. So here is what I had... 

Been Watching: In the space of last week I completed one and a bit season 2 of One Day At A Time on Netflix. I actually only have 1 episode left to watch, which I don't want to finish as it has been so good. Obviously I had watched a lot of the World Cup too and what a shocker it has been so far.

Been reading : The only thing I read last week was the Brewdog magazine that my auntie picked up for me. It was actually quite a good read as I do like a good craft beer. 

Been listening to : I have been hooked on listening to Jax Jones, since seeing him support Demi I have fallen in love with his music. I have also been listening to the new Drake album I am really surprised by it as I went off him for a while but I really like this new one. 

Bought : I got quite a few bits for my phone last week and got a couple of 3DS games but that is it. I actually behaved for a change.

Plans for this week : I want to get more done in the dining room and the blinds put up in the games room. Other than that I just want a nice relaxed week.

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Building A Wardrobe That Is Me #2

You may remember back in May I did a post all about building my perfect wardrobe, you can see that post here. I begun adding in items of clothing that were what I felt a lot more comfortable in and to be honest I have noticed a big difference I actually look forward to going into my wardrobe and picking different outfits out instead of dreading picking an outfit that I wouldn't feel good in or would be feeling fat in. Last week involved payday which meant I was able to head out and pick up a few more bits to add to the wardrobe, here is what I got.

In Primark I picked up 3 of these future projects t-shirts. I absolutely loved the fit of the one I tried on and picked it up in every colour. These are only £8 and actually look like some other more expensive items you can pick up in the likes of Footasylum. These t-shirts are really soft and are very simple with just the logo in the corner and going down the sleeves. They are perfect for this weather we have been having recently. 

Also from Primark I picked up this Future hoodie. I got this just to throw on with some skinny jeans with a long line t-shirt under when I finally get some. I love the big print on the front and just the checker board print on one sleeve. I am loving the checker board print lately. I also think this will look good under a lightweight jacket or a nice denim jacket when I finally find a nice one. To say it was only £10 it is a really nice fit as I got it a little oversized.

My trusty Star Wars backpack has finally given in. I realised when I put my keys in and they fell straight through. I picked up this black backpack for £12 from Primark, it is a little larger than my other bags but it is perfect as I can fit everything in. It also looks a lot smarter than having Darth Vader prints all over it. I won't go into it too much though as I have an updated what's in my bag coming up soon.

I mentioned in my wish list post (you can read it here) the other day that I was after a lightweight jacket for in case I got caught in the rain whilst out shopping or walking to work. I managed to get the exact jacket I wanted from Primark for just £12. I went up a size on this too as it now means I can layer it with a hoodie. I love how instead of a drawstring on the hood it just has a little bit of elastic. The colour go really well together.  I could have got a darker one but I think it is about time I got some lighter clothing for a change.

I then went to the H&M sales and got this contrast jacket in the sale. It was originally £34.99 but I picked it up for just £10. It is a little thicker than my Primark one, and has a nice jersey lining with a little inside pocket. The actual pockets are also Velcro meaning I shouldn't keep loosing items like I usually do.  The hood is similar to the Primark on and the bottom is also elasticated, I am really hoping it keeps me dry. I spent £70 on an Adidas on a few years ago and that wasn't waterproof at all so let see if a cheaper jacket does a better job. At least now I have a few options on what to wear.

So there you have it that is what I have recently added to my wardrobe which is slowly growing. Can you recommend any shops or items I should get? Let me know.

See you soon,

Monday, 25 June 2018

Last Week #9

Last week started off with me heading for an MRI scan on my knee at long last, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I just can't sit still for more than 2 minutes. That day then ended perfectly with England winning their first game. The rest of the week was just filled with work, but on Wednesday I finally convinced Liam to take me up to Home Bargains and Aldi, where I treated us to some nice reed diffusers for the house and some nice room sprays, I even picked up one of those mops with the spray bottle attached to it. Who would have thought I was actually willingly wanting to go out and spend money on a mop which I actually got pretty excited about. The house is slowly starting to come together as well as our garden. We have had someone round to sort this out properly for us and hopefully we can get out and do some work ourselves on it soon then we can finally sit out there or in my case play football out there. So here is what I had....

Been Watching: The World cup is well and truly in full swing so that had been on the TV every single day. I am so glad I managed to get Liam more into football so their is no arguments on what we are watching.  I had also watched far too many cleaning videos on YouTube, which now means all I want to do is clean and organise the house. 

Been reading : Reading had been none existent last week due to the fact that I had been watching all the cleaning videos. I really do need to start again though.

Been listening to : I finally decided to treat myself to Spotify premium and I am looking forward to playing around with it a little more. I had been listening to a lot of Demi Lovato again especially her fantastic new song Sober. I also had the Halsey and Lauren Jauregui Strangers video on repeat as it is brilliant. 

Bought : I had a bit of a Primark haul once again but I will say what I got in that later on in the week. I also got the mop with spray bottle and a couple of room sprays and reed diffusers. 

Plans for this week : I want to get more done in the dining room, I really think we could get it to the stage where it would be ready for the wallpaper next week. I also want to get 5 posts up on here this week with plenty of content planned for next month. 

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Finding My Style Wish List

I am doing my best to start building a wardrobe that is more me and my style instead of just buying pieces for the sake of it. It is a slow process but I am slowly getting there, I have clothes I actually feel comfortable in and happy in which is very rare to be honest. But in the mean time here are some of the items I am wanting to purchase to add to the wardrobe and finish off outfits, this wish list contains clothing, shoes, accessories and even a perfume. So here we go...

I recently picked up the t-shirt in a navy blue but more about that soon. At just £25 I don't think these are expensive at all as they are brilliant quality, after seeing how my navy one fits I need to go pick up a grey one too now. These are perfect one their own or being layered. 

I only have a thick smart coat or my thick Superdry coat, I have nothing in between for when it is warm but raining. Primark currently have a great selection of contrast jackets in store at just £12.00, I have seen a few I want to try get so fingers crossed they are still there when I have some money. They are perfect to fold away into a backpack just in case but are also super lightweight for when you are wearing it on those cooler days. They look really easy to style too. I don't want to spend too much on a lightweight jacket as I am loosing weight quite fast now and I don't want to spend a fortune on something that may soon be too big for me.  
Jordan Flight Legend Men's Shoe

I am obsessed with trainers lately and I really want to add more into my collection. I really want to add more Jordan's into my collection too as they are a brilliant trainer and are super sturdy. I am in love with these flight legends and they are currently on sale on the Nike store so who knows I may need to treat myself. The simple black and white deigns looks brilliant and like it would go with anything.

I don't like handbags at all and I am sick of just having my money loose in my pockets as I keep loosing things such as my i.d and bank cards. I am currently searching all over for this bag from Primark as it is just £7.00 and I love the writing on the strap. If I can't find this one in Primark I am definitely going to keep an eye out for another one just like it as it is perfect for me.

Following on from the bag I am wanting to get a nice little card holder to stop me loosing items. I have found this  Saint Laurent Card holder for  £180 but that is just a little too expensive for me at the moment so I am going to keep an eye out for a cheaper alternative which has card space plus a zip pouch for my money, failing that I may have to just invest in a new nice wallet. 

Finally is the Balenciaga B eau de parfum, I keep picking this up however at £84.00 it is definitely on the pricey side. My perfume is currently running out and it is driving me crazy trying to find a new scent at a reasonable price that I like. This one is definitely the number 1 contender for purchase as it smells perfect. I can't leave the house without a perfume on so I am going to have to hurry up and decide on one I want to get.

So there you have it those are just a few of the items I am hoping to pick up in the next few months, can you recommend any items?

See you soon
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