Thursday, 9 August 2018

High End Wish List

My love for the high end clothing is slowly coming back, poor Liam has had to sit and listen to me going on about products I would love to own then in the next breathe complain of how I would need to win the lottery to get them. I have set my sights on a few items that really would be on the top of my to buy list if  I could, so here is what I would get if I ever had the opportunity ( I am actually saving for some of this right now)...

The Kenzo jumper is something I have had my eye on for a while now. At around £185 it is one of the cheaper items on the wish list but it looks so comfortable and I love the bold tiger print. 

To match the jumper I also have my eye on this Kenzo phone case, I am actually off to Manchester soon and Leeds for my birthday so I think I may have to treat myself. £35 is definitely a lot to pay for a phone case but I just love this print.

You will all know by now how much I love trainers and I have had my eye on these Gucci ones for a while now. They are £450 which is actually more than my mortgage is each month, so I really can't justify buying these unless I saved really hard and actually wore them unlike most of my trainers which are still in boxes.

My final piece is the MCM belt, at £275 it is extremely pricey for a belt but I absolutely love the big M buckle and I love the print all around it. My current belts are really cheap quality and break really easily so I definitely want to upgrade the belts.

I really do need to stop browsing the Flannels and End clothing sites as they are just making me want more and more items. I think I may have to save for a while for some of these items, but I really hope I can pick up a few in the future.

See you soon,


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