Thursday, 10 May 2018

Getting Back On Track

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I have mentioned on here in the past how I really want to get back in shape and possibly get back to playing football. With the house move things have been chaos, decorating and unpacking has definitely taken over. Half the time me and Liam just aren't in the mood to cook once we have spent the day at work and done the jobs in the house we have needed to do. So I have gained a fair bit of weight however, the house is starting to take shape,rooms are staring to look complete and most importantly we aren't having to go shopping for home ware most nights. 

Our weekly shop this week consisted mainly of healthy items (apart from Liam's doughnuts) and we even got a blender to make smoothies with. I am determined to get my eating back on track and drop the weight I need to.

The house also has the added bonus of 3 gardens and I have claimed the side garden for myself where I am hopefully going to kit it out with cones and an agility ladder, football nets are also going to get added. This will just mean that I can get out there daily work on my fitness and my football technique. It may also mean that my knee gets better and stronger.

I am also in the process of maybe switching gyms as the one I go to now doesn't open until late and closes pretty early so we are tempted to head to a cheap 24/7 gym. This will just mean we can go whenever and I can work specifically on my leg.

My aim is to eat well and try cut out on snacks and takeaways, drop 2 stone in the next 3 month and train at least 4 times a week.I also want to drop at least one clothing size in this time. I will definitely be adding plenty of health and fitness posts onto the blog in the future as I can see this becoming one of my main focuses.

Do you know any good smoothie recipes or healthy meals to make? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,

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