Friday, 5 January 2018

January Training Plan

Getting back to fitness after gaining so much weight and suffering an injury is proving a difficult task. I am hoping that sharing these plans will help me to stick to them better. I am also hoping having a plan in place will also help me keep focused and working on targeted areas.  Unfortunately I am having to start this a week into January as this first week has been chaos (will tell you why soon). So here is what I am hoping to do. 

Mondays : Cardio work - This will not only help me get my fitness back but should help me lose some weight too. I am also hoping that I can start to do a little yoga to help improve my body so it is time I gave that a go.

Tuesdays : Upper body - I broke my collar bone 7 years ago now and since then on the side I broke I have lost all my strength so I want to work on getting that back, plus there is no point training every other aspect of my body and ignoring that.

Wednesdays : Cardio - I want to add a few days cardio into my routine to begin with so alternating days will hopefully be beneficial to me. 

Thursdays : Leg Day - This is one of the most important days for me but also one I can't over do. My knee is still rehabing from my injury and it is so weak and painful. I know that if I want to play football again I have got to fix it so I will be working as much as I can throughout the year to hopefully eventually get it back to how it used to be.

Fridays : Rest days - Everyone deserves a rest day it gives your body time to try catch up and recover. Plus Fridays are the days where me and Liam like to just relax after a week of work.

Saturdays : Football - I am hoping the weather is good enough for me and Liam to get out and do some small football drills to get my technical ability back

Sundays : Go for a walk - I am hoping to get on a few walks this year with Liam, it is free to do but also gives us time together.

As well as doing this I am hoping to get myself a little meal plan together to help get the whole weightloss process moving. I will eventually start sharing these with you once I get better at planning them.

Do you have any exercises you would recommend? If you do let me know.

See you soon,


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