Thursday, 11 January 2018

January Gym Album Playlist

I absolutely hate going into the gym without my music. Before I even check if I have my gym card I will check for my iPod and earphones. Music is a brilliant escape mechanism for me and it also helps me focus. If I have my music on then I know I am working harder as I can completely lose track of time, especially when it is some of my favourite music. I forget about the outside world once my earphones go in so I am completely focused as all distractions are gone and it is just me and what ever music I am listening to. So here is what I will be listening to throughout January...

Stormzy - Gang signs and prayers was one of my favourite albums last year and when making my playlist this went straight on. Songs like Cold and Shut Up never get old and are a great addition to the list.

Halsey - I have both Badlands and Hopeless Fountain Kingdom on my playlist. Each album brings something different to the playlist and are 2 of my favourite albums. Heaven in hiding is one of my favourites to listen to whilst on the treadmill.

Tegan and Sara - There is just something about listening to drove me wild on the bike that makes me move a little faster. Even though I could easily put every single one of their albums onto this playlist so far it is limited to Heartthrob and Love you to death.

Me and Liam between us have recently bought quite a few new albums whilst we have been out and about. So here are the ones I am still to add....

Taylor Swift - I love Reputation and can't wait to add the likes of Ready for it to my playlist.

Theory of a Deadman - Wake up call is one of my current favourites and I am absolutely in love with the song GOAT. The full album is definitely going onto my playlist.

Eminem - Liam bought Revival the other week and from what I have heard so far it is really good. I know that if I add this to my playlist then I will get to listen to the album properly. 

Every one knows how hooked I am on wrestling lately and something I want to add to my playlist is a selection of WWE theme songs. I will more than likely add the entrance music to my favourites such as the Usos, John Cena and the Miz, I am sure the Bella's my also find their way onto the list.

I am hoping to keep changing these up monthly so keep an eye out for February's post. Let me know if you can think of anything for me to add.

See you soon

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