Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Football Stadiums I want To Visit

It is no secret that I love football. I love going to Valley Parade to see Bradford City and I love going the the Academy Stadium to see Man City Women. I also love going around the UK visiting different stadiums whether it is for a charity match or an away day. One stadium I always wanted to go to was Wembley so when Bradford got there last year I got my ticket straight away and wow what an amazing atmosphere you get in that stadium. Over the years I have also been to the likes of Old Trafford, St James Park, Anfiled, the Etihad stadium and many lower league teams grounds. However to me the whole Wembley atmosphere is the best I have witnessed to date. It is one of my main goals to visit as many stadiums as I can throughout my lifetime as possible and this isn't just within the UK it is in fact worldwide. So here are the top 5 that I am determined to get to....

If I had to pick a German team to support I would definitely say Borussia Dortmund (BVB). I honestly don't know why it is that team but something has always pulled me towards them. Liam asked me recently if I could go to any game in the world what would it be and in what stadium. My answer was BVB vs Bayern Munich at Westfalenstadion. I want to experience either being apart of the Yellow wall or to actually see it in person, the whole idea of being apart of the whole atmosphere whilst watching my favourites just makes me want to go more. Also German football is known for been cheap so I could even possibly get a tour of the ground as well for my budget.

 Allianz Arena
I know I said BVB were my favourite German side however just look at the Allianz Arean which is home to Bayern Munich. I would love to go to this stadium and take in the view and atmosphere. I think I would go to any game that was held here just to say I had experienced it. A tour of this would also definitely be in order.

 BC Place
Ah Canada a place which I really can't wait to visit, especially Toronto and Vancouver. BC Place is a stadium located in Vancouver so it is a definite must for me. I remember tuning in to watch the 2015 Women's World Cup final which was being held here and just been in awe of the stadium. The atmosphere in which the stadium creates is amazing and the whole look of it is breathtaking. I saw it again in 2017 when the USWNT played against Canada and once again the stadium helped really capture the rivalry between the 2 countries. I am hoping that if another USWNT and Canada is played in this stadium that I can get there.

 Santiago Bernabeu
I remember every time I went on holiday from the age of 5 I would come back with a Real Madrid full kit or shirt. It is a tradition I have carried on to this day and will probably carry on for a lot longer. In my eyes they are the best team in Spain so it comes as no surprise that I want to visit this stadium. My ideal match to go see would be Real vs Athletico as Liam is an Athletico supporter. I would also love to have a look behind the scenes at this stadium as it just looks fantastic.

Orlando City Stadium
This is one of the main stadiums I want to visit within the next few years, especially whilst my favourite players are actually still playing in the NWSL for Orlando. The stadium just looks amazing and hopefully the atmosphere lives up to the one you get watching the live-streams. My choice of game would definitely be Orlando Pride vs Portland Thorns as it will mean watching a lot of my favourites go head to head. Another great thing about this stadium is that it is also close to Disney, I was laughing with Liam the other week saying he could stay in Disney whilst I went to the game. There are a lot of great stadiums throughout the USA so I can wait to discover them.

So there are some of my favourites, obviously there are a lot more stadiums I want to get to over time but these are just some of my favourites that I would try get to first although the Women's world cup in 2019 is in France and is looking very tempting to go to. Can you recommend any stadiums I may like to visit?

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