Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Weight loss / Body confidence

I have gained weight so quickly over the past few years I have gone from an XS to a XL in clothing and from 10 stone to almost 16. I am actually annoyed at myself for getting to this stage. I hate going out as I can never find an outfit that fits and that I feel I look good in. I look at pictures I have taken of me and I hate what I see, I say I will change but I never do.

Up until I dropped out of college I was really active, I played football and was always moving around, now I am just lazy. I sit behind my desk 8 till 5 go home and play my games. I signed up to the gym had 2 weeks of commitment to that then I just gave in. I wasn't eating right so I wasn't seeing the results I wanted and could not be bothered anymore. 

Recently though I bought the Justin Bieber hoodie in the image above in a large, meaning I actually got an item of clothing 1 size smaller than usual. I am also noticing that other items of clothing seems to be getting a little bigger on me. Hopefully if I now put a plan in place I can get back to working out and eating better and see even better results.

I have to be careful of what I do due to my knee but as I am wanting to get back into playing football I do need to step it up a gear. Football training drills will be thrown into the mix to help with both the fitness and weight loss side of things and even strengthening my knee. My eating habits will also have to change and I am actually looking forward to doing that.

I have spent a few nights watching workout videos on YouTube especially those posted by the USWNT players as it is their level of fitness I want to eventually achieve (a big aim) and from these videos I am going to try piece together my own little workout plan that I will keep mixing up to make it interesting. If anyone wants to help me with these please feel free.

So to help me finally get comfortable with my body and get shifting this weight I am going to do a monthly post, this will document my weight loss throughout the month, previous months goals and how I am progressing with it and also any new goals I have set myself. 

I am also going to use different charts I will be making (will post these soon) which will mark off different milestones in my journey and when I can reward myself for doing well. Like I say I will do a post on these when I get them all sorted. 

Overall I am aiming to loose 5 stone 10lb, tone up and improve my fitness levels and get back to playing the game I love. I am going to take it step by step and hopefully see the results I want.

Current weight at the start : 15 stone 10 lb

22nd November to 22nd December Goals
Loose 8lbs
Go to the gym 10 times
Cut out coffee
Do 30 minutes on treadmill at least twice.
Create a workout plan

I am really hoping this way of tracking my progress is going to help me out to sticking to things and bring out the confidence within me. It may even mean I get out of the house more once I feel better in the clothes I wear.

Any suggestions on what I can do? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon

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